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Why is LifeLock a leader in identity theft protection? Below you will find LifeLock reviews that will help explain why. Read actual member comments and see their honest opinions. Once you are ready to enroll be sure to use the LifeLock promo code below for big savings!






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LifeLock Advantage™ membership includes all of the features with LifeLock Standard and more. LifeLock Advantage adds checking and savings account activity alerts, credit card activity alerts1, fictitious identity monitoring, credit scores1 and even more protection.† LifeLock Advantage™ membership adds bank account activity alerts1, credit scores1 and even more protection.†






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LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ membership is the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created.LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ service provides peace of mind knowing you have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. Enhanced services include bank account application and takeover alerts1, online credit reports and credit scores1.†






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When you sign up with LifeLock you can protect your children too.  LifeLock Junior™ offers customized protection for children less than 18 years of age. Children are vulnerable to identity theft as well. Be sure to protect your children with LifeLock Junior.