In 2005, Robert J. Maynard co-founded LifeLock with the idea to protect its customers from identity fraud. Maynard came up with this idea when he spent a brief amount of time in jail for unpaid casino loans made under his name by someone that had stolen his identity. LifeLock helps protect your personal identity and information using multiple data surveillance techniques. Our exceptional member service offers 24/7 protection 365 days a year.


LifeLock offers four different levels of protection that include identity theft protection, Command Center which is advanced identity theft protection that monitors public records, LifeLock Ultimate protects against bank account takeover fraud, and the Credit Score Manager monitors your credit score. We guarantee that you will be protected with LifeLock. In fact, our guarantee is worth $1,000,000‡. If your identity does get compromised, we will pay up to $1 million in legal fees to restore your identity.


LifeLock identity theft protection protects your credit and finances by alerting you of possible fraudulent activity before the damage is done. Criminals use stolen identity information to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages. LifeLock vigorously observes applications and checks to see if someone is using your personal information to obtain credit. If something suspicious is detected, you will be immediately alerted through email or phone.

If your wallet gets lost or stolen, LifeLock will help cancel and replace your credit cards making sure no fraudulent charges are placed. We specialize in coverage of credit and debit cards, social security cards, insurance cards, driver’s licenses, checkbooks and travelers checks. We also monitor requests for address changes which may result in the redirection of your mail in order to obtain your financial information.


LifeLock offers an impressive 5 Points of Protection that include monitoring, scanning, responding, guarantee, and tracking. We will immediately begin monitoring your identity within our network once you enroll. Another benefit of our monitoring service is that we will contact all the major credit bureaus to have your name removed from their mailing lists for preapproved credit cards. This will further protect you from identity fraud through stolen mail.


With our identity protection, you will receive our comprehensive method of scanning for identity threats. We will keep track of your personal information so that it is not used to apply for lines of credit and address changes. Also, we search criminal websites to see if your information is being illegally sold.


Our advanced alert system will inform you if your personal information has been compromised. You will receive a message by email, phone, or text immediately. And you will be able to track your credit score with the LifeLock Credit Score Manager. We take into account all three major credit bureaus and will let you know if there have been any changes to your credit score.


So why should you choose LifeLock? If we haven’t convinced you already, let us remind you that constant protection of your identity is our number one priority. We are the first to offer constant identity theft protection and we provide you with direct access to fraud resolution. Enroll Now and protect the finances, credit and good-name of bot h you and your family!