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November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday And ID Theft Protection

Writen by LifeLock Blogger

Cyber Monday and ID theft

With today being the biggest online shopping day, Cyber Monday and ID theft have all too much in common. The threat of having your identity stolen increases with the amount of transactions you do from your credit cards to your bank accounts.

Identity thieves thrive on that one moment you use an unsafe website, or carelessly put too much information out there on the web.  You may think today you see nothing different so you are safe.  In reality it may take months to realize you had your data compromised.

What can you do today for Cyber Monday and ID theft protection?

A few steps to take when shopping on Cyber Monday and online in general:
1. Only use sites you know and trust when entering your credit card information.
2. Never enter private information from emails ‘looking like’ a real company.
3. Use Paypal or similar site, they store your info so you do not enter it on each site.
4. Protect yourself with a leader in ID theft protection.

Although protecting yourself will not deter ID theft completely, hiring a leader in ID theft protection, LifeLock, will help in the unfortunate case you become a victim. With we have the most current codes available for LifeLock protection.  It is never to late to protect yourself from Cyber Monday shopping.