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November 5, 2017

The Increase Of Medical Identity Theft

Writen by LifeLock Blogger

medical identity theft

How does one lost ID lead to medical identity theft?

Usually when we think of identity theft, we think of people buying electronics, gas, and other goods, not hospital stays.
Overall, medical identity theft, is an increasing crime.

If the ID cards are cancelled and replaced quickly, we should be protected from medical identity theft, right? Wrong.  In one recent case, a man in California lost his backpack with his ID card in it and that led to a large case of medical identity theft.

He ended up with an enormous hospital bill for a procedure that was not his.  He learned a man had used his personal information to get a procedure at the hospital in September 2017.

When the man received a call from the hospital asking about payment, he was told the bill was over $52,000.

How can we protect ourselves from becoming a victim of identity theft?

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