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April 12, 2018

Replacement Medicare Cards

Writen by LifeLock Blogger

replacement medicare cards

Replacement Medicare Cards.  Will they deter identity theft?

The Federal Government recently started mailing out the new replacement medicare cards.  Are they really working to deter identity theft?

The fact is, they are definitely better than the previous ones.  The previous medicare cards contained the social security numbers as the identifier of the owner.  So, yes, they are deterring ID theft from them.  The federal government is starting to mail out new Medicare cards without Social Security numbers to help prevent identity theft.

They will have a unique 11 digit identification number instead of the usual social security number as the identity.  ID thieves, however, could use the change to try to trick senior citizens.  The free cards will automatically be mailed to anyone who receives Medicare benefits.  A survey from AARP showed there is little awareness of the new cards.  In fact, about 75 percent of members are not aware.

“We understand that there are actually people calling and even emailing and even text messaging some of our vulnerable population, telling them they have to pay for this new Medicare card or they might lose the benefits, asking for your personal information,” said Medicare expert Martha Khlopin.


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