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April 25, 2018

ID Theft Involving Children

Writen by LifeLock Blogger

ID theft involving children

Have you ever thought to check your child’s social security number or credit for fraud? ID theft involving children is increasing day by day. It’s never too early to check.

Over 1 million children in the US were affected by identity theft in 2017, according to a new study. Javelin Strategy & Research claims that in 2017 more than $2.5 billion in identity theft losses are ID theft involving children.

Here are some statistics:

About sixty percent of children involved know the perpetrator.  Approximately one third of all incidents normally includes a family member. Two thirds of the victims are younger than eight years old. Many circumstances include the spouse or step parent of the child’s parent.

With the increase in information stored for school and medical records, the possibility is there for identity theft. The study claims that over 10 percent of households had at least one child’s information stolen in the last year.

According to the FTC, there are several signs that a child’s ID may have been compromised:

  1.  The child may be turned down because an account has already been opened elsewhere
  2.  The IRS sends a notice claiming income taxes were not paid by the child
  3.  Debt collectors inquiring about products and services

It is recommended the credit of the child is frozen if anything suspicious is noticed.  Monitoring your child’s credit along with your own is also a plus.

Hiring a leader in ID theft protection, LifeLock, will help in the unfortunate case you become a victim. With we have the most current codes available for LifeLock protection.  It is never too late to protect yourself from ID theft.