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April 26, 2018

When Your Identity Gets Charged With A Crime

Writen by LifeLock Blogger

your identity gets charged with a crime

What happens when your identity gets charged with a crime?

When your identity gets charged with a crime?  It seems unlikely this would happen, however, it does.  According to the website, the Department of Defense, DCIS (Defense Criminal Investigative Service),  just seized the DDoS website of  The exact details are still unknown, however, many of the payments for these services were likely from stolen identities.  Payments from Paypal accounts and bitcoin seem to be the most common.

These payments were accountable for over four to six million attacks over the past three years. had servers in Europe and the USA.  Authorities say arrests were made of multiple administrators, including two aged 19, from Serbia.

As the law enforcement agencies investigate, how many of us will be notified that our identity has been used in this or other cases?  Or even worse, how many will not be told and years later find out your data has been compromised?

What do you do if you realize you have become a victim of identity theft?  It can be a scary moment.

Hiring a leader in ID theft protection, LifeLock, will help in the unfortunate case you become a victim. With we have the most current codes available for LifeLock protection.  It is never too late to protect yourself from ID theft.

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